The Invoice issued by TRIISTORE guarantees the quality of the product that accompanies it under the legally established terms for a period of two years or six months (particular condition for reconditioned components), from the date of delivery.

Deficiencies caused by negligence, knocks, improper use or handling, non-compatible voltage, incorrect installation not carried out by an authorized Technical Service, when applicable, or materials subjected to wear and tear due to normal use, are not included.

In the case of computer items, the warranty will not cover the elimination of viruses, restoration of programs for this reason or the reinstallation of the disk caused by its deletion. For problems that justify the use of the warranty, the option will be for repair, replacement of the item or return under the legally established terms.

2. The guarantee will lose its value:
  • If they change, change or replace some of the data on the same or proof of purchase.
  • If the identification number is manipulated or repaired with the device itself, under warranty without knowledge of the technical service.
  • If you do not have the stamp or proof of the sales establishment.
  • To make use of your warranty, it is essential to present proof of purchase.
3. Is there a guarantee for my data?

Personal data stored on any device is not covered by the warranty. Even if the product is replaced or repaired, we cannot guarantee its storage. You should bear in mind that, when carrying out functional tests, most of the time, it is necessary to delete personal data.

Remember that it is convenient to make a backup copy of your personal files. In some cases, you can purchase data recovery insurance when purchasing a storage device, in the product sheet.

4. What damage is not covered by the warranty?

Deficiencies caused by negligence, knocks, incorrect use or improper handling, non-compatible voltage, incorrect installation not carried out by an authorized Technical Service, when applicable, or materials subjected to wear and tear due to their normal use, are not included. Defects caused in the handling of equipment with cables, such as: Headphone Jack, Headphone Jack, Mouse USB terminal, Cable, Charger terminal, Transformer terminal and cable terminal electrical.

4.1. Computer Equipment:
  • Damage provoked by Software Installation;
  • Damage provoked by Software Update;
  • Equipment that has been manipulated by unauthorized technicians;
4.2. Component handling:
  • Attempts to repair, assemble, or even repair, outside our support services.;
  • Exchange or manipulation of the initial characteristics of the component;
4.3. Others not covered by the Warranty
  • Damage caused by misuse or abuse.
  • Damage caused by transport outside the original packaging.
  • Damage caused by misuse of equipment.
  • Equipment opened by entities outside Triistore.
  • Equipment that has been attempted to be repaired, or even repaired, outside our support services.
  • Products Consumables subject to wear (Batteries/Batteries, Ink Cartridges, Toners, Products Subject to High Temperatures,...)

Change to the original product. For example: removal of serial number stickers or other type of warranty label, incorrect installation and handling of purchased material, processors and motherboards with broken/bent pins, incomplete products, etc.

5. Activate the guarantee / Portugal:

Learn more about the warranty activation process (Special conditions for Portugal): https://www.triistore.com/pages/garantia-e-assistencia-tecnica

6. Activate the guarantee for other EU countries and the rest of the world:

Return shipping costs are borne by the customer and will be defined according to the type of product to be returned and the return method chosen when communicating with the customer, who is responsible for sending the items to our address: Triistore, Rua Maria Alda Barbosa Nogueira 18 B, Falagueira, 2700-393 Amadora, Portugal.