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1. Register at our online store or access your customer account
2. Visit the catalog and add products to the shopping cart
3. Confirm the order: indicate your billing and shipping data and select the payment method
4. Receive your order

We understand that when you place an order with us, it is because you need the products and that is why we are committed to delivering them quickly and safely.


You have the option to place your order online and pick it up at the store that is most convenient for you, after notification for withdrawal and in a completely FREE way!


After placing your order, you will receive confirmation by email. Your order begins to be processed after payment and according to the estimated delivery times in each product's file. When your order is shipped you will receive an email with your tracking number. On the day of delivery, the carrier, as a general rule, will contact you minutes before making the delivery.


The invoice is issued and delivered with your order. You can also consult the same in the customer area on orders.

Check shipping costs at Delivery Policy.

As these are urgently needed products, the delivery time is calculated as follows: preparation time + shipping time to the country or shipping zone.

1. The preparation deadline is available in the product data sheet, and varies depending on the product..

2. The transport time you can consult it in each country. Shipping days are working days.

Delivery times may change at certain times of the year (Black Friday, Christmas, Mother/Father's Day, etc) due to the workload of the transport agencies as well as force majeure causes.


- Continental Portugal: 1-2 business days

- Madeira and Azores: 5-7 business days


Germany: 3-7 business days

Andorra: 1-2 business days

Austria: 4-6 business days

Belgium: 3-6 business days

Bulgaria: 5-7 business days

Croatia: 10-15 business days

Denmark: 4-6 business days

Slovakia: 4-6 business days

Slovenia: 5-7 business days

Spain: 1-2 business days

Estonia: 5-7 business days

France: 2-5 business days

Great Britain: 3-5 business days

Greece: 10-15 business days

Holland: 3-6 business days

Hungary: 4-6 business days

Ireland: 4-10 business days

Italy: 3-5 business days

Latvia: 5-7 business days

Lithuania: 5-7 business days

Luxembourg: 3-5 business days

Poland: 3-5 business days 

Czech Republic: 3-5 business days

Romania: 4-6 business days

Serbia: 5-7 business days

Sweden: 5-7 business days

Switzerland: 4-9 business days


10-30 business days

Check delivery times at Delivery Policy.

Several payment methods to facilitate your purchase.
It is very important to us that your online shopping experience matches your expectations, so we have several payment methods to make your purchase easier.

1. Card
2. ATM reference
3. Bank transfer

Check the payment methods at Payment Methods.

I have already placed my order

You can check the status of your order, on your customer panel, in the “Orders” section. You will be shown each of the stages completed, from preparation to delivery.
You will receive confirmation of your order by email and SMS, with the shipping code, through which you will be able to track your shipment.

During the delivery period, you must not be absent from the delivery location. If you really have to do so, you must report the unavailability at least 24 hours in advance to our Customer Service line 218 954 102 (call to the national fixed network) or e-mail support@triistore.me.

1. If you haven't paid for your order yet, you can cancel it.
2. If payment has already been made, please contact our Customer Support team. It will be necessary to return the money and our management team intervenes there.
3. If your order has already been shipped, you will only be able to return it after delivery. check the Return Conditions.

The Carrier makes standard deliveries throughout the day, until approximately 19:00 pm.
On the other hand, when you confirm your order, you can give directions to the transport agency - "Order notes" - about the time you prefer. The distributor will try to adapt whenever possible.

When our logistics team finishes preparing your order, they notify you by email. This message indicates the complete and detailed content.

It is important to bear in mind that we ship all the items in an order in the same shipment, regardless of the number of boxes it requires. That is, your order will only be sent when all the items are in stock and it is possible that they will have to wait for the replacement of any of these, coming from the supplier.

Agencies deliver all packages at the same time. Please check their content after you receive them. If you detect something missing, don't delay in contacting our Customer Service team and they will give you a solution as soon as possible.

I already received my order

You have 14 working days after receiving the order. (except digital products). Check out the Refund Policy.

What is the warranty period?

- 2 years for new items.

- 2 years for Grade A, B and C reconditioned items.

- 1 year and/or 6 months for Refurbished items.

Check here how to activate the product warranty Warranty Process.

Triistore has a free remote assistance service to resolve incidents on your computer set up by our specialized technicians. This way, we will be able to solve the incident at the moment and without having to send the computer and wait a few days. The system is secure and always requires your authorization.
Learn more how it works at Remote assistance for your PC.

In certain situations, unfortunately, the boxes sent suffer some damage or manipulation, deteriorating their content. If you receive packaging that is in poor condition and your products have been affected by it, we will try to give you a quick solution.
Learn more Order manipulated or damaged.

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