1. Support Center



1.1. Contact our Customer Support Center;

1.2. We will activate the warranty and schedule the product pickup at home;

1.3.  You will receive confirmation by email, along with instructions and shipping label.



2.1.  Keep the complete product, with its original box and accessories, in another sturdy box;

2.2.  Print the label sent by email;

2.3.  Stick the label on the outside of the box and close it properly.



3.1.  Our carrier will arrive at your address on the scheduled date and time;

3.2.  If the shipment is made by your means, we will wait for your arrival.



4.1.  As this is a warranty, a new unit will be shipped or repaired;

4.2.  Our carrier not only picks up the damaged item but also delivers the replacement / repaired item.

2. More about returns

Who pays the shipping costs when activating the warranty?-

Triistore takes care of everything. Our carrier not only picks up the damaged item but also delivers the replacement.

Is there any cost to replace the item under warranty?-

No, for the end customer it is completely free. Select the item collection carried out by our carrier and we take care of everything.

How long does the warranty process take?-

Normally, the item is received in our warehouse and within 24/48 working hours the replacement unit is shipped. If a repair is needed, it can take up to 15 days.

What happens if there are no units available to replace?

It will be suggested to you to exchange for a product equivalent or superior to the one currently on sale, however, its price cannot be higher than the amount paid for the initial product. If the same is not possible and the repair cost is unreasonable, a credit note will be made so that the customer can later purchase another item(s) in our store.

Whenever the item is received for repair and no malfunction is detected, or it has been caused by incorrect use, a fee may be charged to cover logistical costs.

Do I have to ship the item in its original box?

The most recommended is to send the article in its original box and this one inside another one. Thus, protection during transport will be greater. However, we do not always keep the original boxes. If so, you can send us the product in any other. It is also recommended that you include all accessories.