About us

We are the retail brand of household items, registered at the Lisbon commercial registry, under registration and Corporate Identification Number: 516-643-894, with a share capital of €5.000,00 and also leaders in this area of specialized business. Because we are focused on our mission: to bring the best of technology to everyone, without exception, today and forever. At Triistore.com, we offer hundreds of products at the best prices, while always being close to the Portuguese.

From Large and Small Appliances to Sound & Image products, from Information Technology to Telecommunications, passing through Entertainment, Gaming and Culture, including Home & Decoration and Beauty, Health & Baby.

We are a brand in continuous growth. A young, dynamic brand with social and ecological values ​​that grows sustainably and helping others.

We are triistore.com

The Innovation

Preserve and maintain the character of the small brand, the customer proximity and personalized treatment, are the premises on which its philosophy is based. Maxims that helped Tristor to become an online sales reference electronics retail.

Our Vision

We offer a diversified range of articles and exclusive brands (Goodis, Becken, Kunft, among others) – without ever neglecting the main technological innovations that appear in our market and that Triistore excels for presenting first-hand.

In addition to variety and innovation, we offer attractive prices, relying on a strong promotional component, precisely to meet consumer expectations, for whom the act of purchasing is increasingly considered. Indeed, ever more demanding and knowledgeable, Triistore's customers expect bold and distinctive communication that will keep them choosing the brand.


Thanks to all our customers the trust they have placed since its creation, as well as the efforts of all its employees who together have made it one of the technology e-commerce in Portugal. 

Talk to us

Rua Maria Alda Barbosa Nogueira 18 B,
2700-393 Amadora, Lisbon
Phone 214 952 984 | 964 857 600
Email: support@triistore.me

INPI Registered Trademark.